Twisted Core Set

The Twisted Rulebook Box contains all the base rules, card decks and counters/templates necessary to play Twisted, as well as an exciting 10-mission narrative campaign designed to teach you how to play.The narrative missions inside the Twisted Rulebook feature the characters from Dickensians Box 1 & 2, and the Servants of the Engine Box 1 & 2The beautiful Twisted Hardcover Rulebook is filled with evocative background fiction and beautiful artwork detailing the world and Characters who inhabit it. It also has a special binding which allows the open book to be laid flat on the tabletop as you play!


150 page Twisted Hardcover Rulebook

44 Eye of The Engine Cards

40 Alchemantic Invocation Cards

20 Tarot of Taxing Tasks Cards

5 Pass Cards & 4 Mission Character Cards

3 sheets of counters and templates

2 quick reference play sheets

2 sets of 7 dice


Strategic card-based character activation system. Play quickly transfers from player-to-player as your pre-determined order of activation cards is revealed.

The Eye of the Engine: A deck of cards representing the influence of the Engine that add an element of unpredictability, chaos and excitement to the action.

Lots of game options for generating missions, assigning hidden tasks, deployment and terrain features to make each game unique.

Narrative Campaign: A 10 mission campaign storyline to more fully immerse you in the Twisted world.


Two factions are detailed within the Twisted Rulebook:

The Servants of The Engine – defenders of the mysterious device that permeates so much of the Twisted world. This coalition of extraordinary people harness the mechanical Gentlefolk to help protect The Engine and keep its secrets safe.

The Dickensians – lead by the brutal Bill Psyches, this group of street thieves, thugs and undesirables seek to control the power of The Engine for their own benefit. Woe betide anyone who gets in the way of Bill’s plans.

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