Sci Fi Container Set

This Sci-Fi Container Set is a great addition to any 25-32mm sci-fi table!


  • 1x Large container
  • 1x Small container
  • 1x Large crate
  • 1x Small crate


  • Large container – (Width: 108mm) (Depth: 60mm) (Height: 60mm)
  • Small container – (Width: 71mm) (Depth: 36mm) (Height: 36mm)
  • Large crate – (Width: 36mm) (Depth: 36mm) (Height: 36mm)
  • Small crate – (Width: 20mm) (Depth: 20mm) (Height: 20mm)

This quick and easy to assemble kit is made from 3mm mdf and is cut with precision to ensure minimal effort removing it from the sprue.

This kit requires assembly.

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