Age of Sigmar Dominion

This boxed set includes:

1x 360-page Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Book (Hardback):

1x 24-page Start Here booklet – War at Amberstone Watch:

60x Plastic Push-fit Citadel Miniatures: At the heart of the Dominion set are two armies of brand new miniatures, each cleverly designed so they can be pushed together without the need for glue. Each force includes a flexible range of powerful units armed with devastating weaponry and wargear, and they can easily be bolstered with additional reinforcements to act as the elite core of a larger army.

These models include:

21x Stormcast Eternals

- 1x Yndrasta, the Celestial Spear:

- 1x Lord-Imperatant with 1x Gryph-hound:

- 1x Knight-Vexillor with Banner of Apotheosis:

- 3x Praetors:

- 1x Knight-Arcanum:

- 3x Annihilators:

- 10x Vindictors:

39x Kruleboyz

- 1x Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof:

- 1x Murknob with Belcha-banna:

- 1x Swampcalla Shaman with 1x Pot-grot:

- 1x Killaboss with 1x Stab-grot:

- 3x Man-skewer Boltboyz:

- 10x Gutrippaz:

- 20x Hobgrot Slittaz:

14x Warscroll Cards and 2x Allegiance Ability Cards:

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